Noblesse Oblige

Nettle's Crossing

And the dead is laid to rest.

Toilday, 13th of Gozrim, 4710

Light streams through the cracks and hides flutter in the wind at the Stag lord’s fort. Akiros leads us into the cellars through a hidden trap door amid the rubble. The stairs are a rough combination of earth and rock. The cellar is home to dozens of bull bats. They tend to go after livestock. The bats become agitated as we go down the stairs.

They attack us in a swarm. Xene‘s prayers to Erastil brings forth a current of air that attacks the batswarm, keeping it occupied as Kaylee and Sir Thierry move deeper into the cellar. There they encounter a barking wolverine hiding in the rafters. Xene suspects it is a druid. Its growls bring forth a giant ant that battles to protect its master. Sir Thierry and Kaylee close and their feats are epic as they slay the beast. Tamarie’s magic twists the earth and sky into a riot of colors, disorienting the ant, while storm winds buffet it, making it easier to hit. Once the giant ant falls, the wolverine dies quickly on Sir Thierry’s sword. It turns back into a wizened old man, whom Akiros later names Nugrah; the stag lord’s father.

After the fight, we bury the dead bandits, the Stag lord, and Nugrah near the lake. For once we leave the captured bandits (Topper Pentax and Jax) in their prison rather than pressing them into immediate service. Tamarie spends some time picking through the goods in the cellar, trying to find anything salvageable. She doesn’t find much.

In the fading light of day we cobble together a travois and pack up everything we can carry.

Wealday, 14th of Gozrim

We travel all day. Topper Pentax recites us poems to pass the time. Our opinions of his skills are not nearly as high as his own.

We camp in the Camelands for the night.

Oathday, 15th of Gozrim

It’s a cool and damp day, and overcast. We pack up early and make our way to Nettle’s crossing.

There, we call forth David Nettle. He rises up out of the water like a man floating up the stairs. The beast that is now David Nettle accepts the Stag Lord’s body – staking him through the heart with his pike. He then drags the body back down under the waves with him. After David Nettle disappears beneath the waves of the river, his pike floats back up to the surface, as a reminder of our good deeds.

We ride off, heading towards Oleg’s and make it to Bokkan’s before night falls.

Fireday, 16th of Gozrim

Bokkan comes with us to Oleg’s Trading Fort. We’re an hour out when we encounter horsemen on the road. They’re a wandering patrol. We trade news, but do not tarry long. Our arrival at Oleg’s is welcomed by all.

Sir Thierry tells Nettle’s tale and brandishes the Pike as proof. Most are both saddened and glad of the tale. Saddened that Nettle was reduced to such, but glad that his soul is now at rest — or as much rest as such a beast can ever find.

No one mourns the loss of the Stag Lord. Sir Thierry carefully warns the captured bandits of their situation. They, like the others, are offered their freedom in return for a year of indentured servitude. They accept.

After greeting Kesten Garess (and getting a kiss on the cheek from him), Xene begins carving arrows with the names of Topper Pentax and Jax. The night is spent in planning and preparation. Tamarie oversees the division of the spoils and consults with Sir Thierry and Kaylee to determine what we can sell, and what we should store. Oleg is brought into the discussion once a rough list has been drawn up. Sir Thierry thanks him mightly for his help. Kaylee sees to the horses and spends time with Taylor, our budding smith.

Xene learns that Svetlana is certain she’s pregnant; but Xene strongly suggests patience as anything can happen in the first 3 months.


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