Noblesse Oblige

The last days

At long last, it is time to say goodbye.

Thierry was gone for 2 days. He returned hungry and tired. After dropping off his horse and greeting Kaylee, he has lunch in the kitchen and asks that we gather the staff in the great room.

Once there Thierry tells us his tale. He brought a 60 year old treaties to town to have it verified. The treaty gives the Baronet of Rosalie the mandate/permission to explore and open a trade route south of the kingdom. Thierry’s grand father tried to meet his mandate, and failed. The treaty is, however, still valid.

Thierry met with the Aldori Swordlords. They are interested in founding a settlement in the south. In return for helping them, the Swordlords would help see that the manor went to a reputable buyer in the spring. They also offered to send a martial tutor to train the young master and any that were interested in learning. Later, they will see to adding the young master’s name to the royal roster.

The young master asks that Tamarie, Kaylee and I go with him. He asks that Mr. Aldo stay behind; at least for the transition. After receiving agreement from Tamarie, I, and a reluctant Mr. Aldo, the young master goes hunting as he wants to hold a real Yule.

Over the next few days, the clerks depart. They have other duties and their departure brings restored peace to the manor.

31st of Kuthona, 4709

We decorate the manor for Yule. Garlands of evergreen fill the halls and fowl roasts in the kitchen. The hearths are lit and the house for once is warm and well lit.

We gather and recount the anecdotes that mark the better parts of the year. The celebration makes the time pass quickly.

1st of Abadius, 4710

There is a mass in the morning.

Well wishers come to the manor and sing until the young Master comes forward to speak. We offer them warmed cider, and they wish the best to the young Master. It is a touching scene. More so because this may be the last time this happens.

Overnight a blizzard hits.

2nd of Abadus, 4710

The blizzard continues.

3rd of Abadus, 4710

The blizzard ends. There is a lot of shoveling. We’re worried that the roof might collapse from the snow weight. Kaylee braves the cold and shovels the roof clear of the worst of the drifts. Everything seems to grind to a halt.

2nd week of Abadus, 4710

We hear from Restov. Some paperwork is sent and we have to send it back with our answers. A Swordlord will buy the property outright, but not the herd. Over the next while, Tamarie tries to settle the debts. There are a few people interested in the herd. Minor nobles in the Aldori may want one of our horses; but they are expensive. Also, they’re Tourney horses and this is not Tourney season.

When the Swordlord arrives, Thierry recognizes him as Managar Aldori, the Swordlord’s second. Of the Varn family, his father is Baron Androth.

The manor is at last purchased by Sir Dalrmnyr Aldori. Thierry writes him regarding the manor, Mr Aldo, the scullery maid and the chapel.

Through the month we all practice with Managar, but Thierry most of all.

From Managar we learn that there is an old fort in Southern Brevoy that was left abandoned after the great disappearances. Sertova recalled the armies to restore order. The Swordlords sponsored a trader named Oleg Levetin to set up a trading post out there beyond the last manned outpost of Brevoy. It was Managar’s plan to make something that the hunters and trappers could use. So far the trading post has not produced a profit and bandits seem to be using it as a rally point.

Further out, a man named David Nettles set up a bridge at a ford. The Swordlords haven’t heard from him since winter started.

Our job will be to go out and combat banditry in the area so that the hunters and trappers can better work the area. We’re to go to Oleg’s trading post. He can help us. We’ll be paid 100 gold crowns for the first 6 heads we turn in to the Swordlords. Once we’re established, messengers will be sent out every two weeks.

There’s a tribe of kobolds in the area that are becoming more and more trouble. If we can provide the Swordlords assurances that the Kobold problem is dealt with then further rewards are available.

Thierry goes to town to witness the hanging of a criminal. He does not enjoy the process but feels he must steel himself against what the future brings.

Thierry’s final negotiations on the herd are stellar and an old friend of the family (recently back in the area) hears of the sale and comes to help out. He was part of a skirmish with Numeria and now is looking to retire and breed horses. He buys 2/3 of the herd at a decent profit.

24th Calistril, 4710

We receive word that the new manor lord will be arriving on the 28th.

We are asked to clear the manor for that time.

27th Calistril, 4710

Many old friends, family, and former hose staff come to say good bye. The new house staff arrives and chaos descends upon the manor.

We spend some time in the manor’s graveyard to say goodbye to our roots.

By nightfall we’ve arrived at Nivakta’s crossing – a town of middling size. We spend the night in an inn. Tamarie and Xene are both sore from the extended time in the saddle. There we meet up with the Vonling’s Host. They are a group of 4 men traveling into the mountains for the Swordlords. Brother Caspah (Erastilian priest), Willus Gundarson (Ulfin man), Howat Gurdy (a smith and compatriot of the western campaign), and Safal Larentus (a refined man who likes carrier pigeons).

The night is filled with conversation; but we end it early—as we wish to leave at dawn.


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