Noblesse Oblige

The Road to Oleg's Trading Post

28th Calidstril, 4710

We leave at dawn, heading westward along the south Rostland road out of Nivikta’s crossing. The surrounding lands grow less settled as we go. The road is muddy and every so often we must stop to clean off the horses’ hooves of mod. Winter is fading fast. The 2 mules (Rosemary and Thyme) are managing better than the horses.

We pass very little traffic. Fort Serenko is the southernmost fort of Brevoy. And it is our next way point. It grows cold and wet as the day progresses.

By twilight the weather is miserable; but we make it to the fort. Thierry makes his introductions and we are granted entry. Sargent Lowen guides us in. It’s a small square wooden fort with 4 barracks buildings and an officer’s hut. While we settle into the offered bunks, Thierry goes to meet Lieutenant Duran.

Tamarie stays behind, but Thierry and Xene go to the main hall. Some men are playing cards, others mulling about. There’s about 30 men here. The eve is spent in conversation, gambling for chits and drink. We retire when the carousing outweighs the conversation.

Sleeping during the night is tricky as there’s shouting every hour and when the watch changes.

29th Calidstril, 4710

It’s still raining. We leave the fort and continue westward on the south Rostlin road. By mid afternoon the rains start to taper off. The snow is melting fast, making the shallows into quagmires. Twice the mules get stuck and have to be dug/hauled out. The sun doesn’t even make an appearance.

By evening – we’re on a lonely stretch of road. We find a copse of trees, under which dry ground can be found. We pitch camp on the relatively dry crest. Aether is set to guarding. The horses get a bit restless in the wind, but otherwise it’s a quiet night.

30th Calistril, 4710

In the morning we spot a group of five male elk moving through the valley Kaylee and Thierry go hunting. They bring back an elk. Xene and Kaylee clean and dress it for traveling The pack mule doesn’t much like it’s new cargo, but doesn’t complain too much. We see this as a sign of good fortune.

It snows from late morning to mid-afternoon as we travel on.

We spot a group of wolves that are trailing us, thanks to Aether’s warning. By eve we make it to Oleg’s trading post.

The post is a wooden fort with a 10’ wooden palisade. It has 20’ tall corner towers and an 80’ square center. The main gate is 30’ wide and only barred by a single horizontal beam/. The wood is old and gray but huge chunks have been recently replaced with fresh-cut wood.

Inside is a handful of buildings. A man is on the roof repairing the thatch as we arrive. A woman opens the fence. Svetlana is smitten, saying Thierry is like the Horselords of old.

Oleg is not happy to see us. We plot and plan, learning that on the morrow the bandits will come again. They have come thrice before: threatening Svetlana, and taking everything of value including her wedding ring.

Thierry and Kaylee come up with a plan. It’s a fitful night and an early day.

1 Pharast, 4710 Moonday

We are up before the roosters, and on the tower walls – keeping watch. Kaylee sees them coming: 4 mounted riders. It takes forever for them to come close to the fort. They are recognized by Oleg as the bandits; and so we attack them with very little warning.

A bandit rides in and Tamarie pulls color from the air and fires it at him. His horse moves forward and Theirry charges. The bandit is run through and falls off his horse. The three remaining bandits shoot at Kaylee and Tamarie, wounding Tamarie badly.

Kaylee fires at the archer and misses, but her shot causes the archer to badly aim his next arrow. He slides off his horse from the recoil of his own bow. Another bandit strikes her, almost making her fall off her horse.

From the palisade, Oleg throws a javelin and strikes a bandit in the back as he’s turning to take the situation into account.

Xene raises a hand up to heaven and shouts fury down upon the bandit leader – proclaiming him to be a thief of the worst kind — one who would steel a wife’s wedding ring. A storm bursts over the fort and strikes the bandit leader with a sudden squall of wind and water.

Tamarie takes cover. Kaylee stays in the saddle, but only just.

Aryan smacks the gate open. Thierry throws his knife at the bandit leader and misses.

The 2 remaining bandits start to move off. Oleg throws another javelin, hitting one of the bandits and causing him to fall off his horse.

Tamarie drinks a potion.

Xene races to Kaylee’s side, twisting her ankle as she jumps down from the palisade. She prays fevrently that Kaylee is alright. Amidst her prayer, Kaylee opens her eyes and sways a bit.

Kaylee gathers her senses and urges Caliber to follow Thierry out of the outpost and in pursuit of the fleeing bandits.

Oleg races around the towers to get a better shot. Tamarie finds a good vantage and causes time and space to whirl about in shiny colors. Something tears and the horses move sideways and the riders fall off.

Thierry orders all the bandits killed, but then finds he cannot kill a defenseless foe. Kaylee kills the other. The horses and the surviving 2 bandits are brought into the fort.


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