Noblesse Oblige

Visitors from Home

6th of Ferrast, 4710

The horses need to be calmed. As Kaylee leads two horses across the stream, Aryan pushes two horses into a tree trunk to calm them down.

There’s not much left of Kressel to leave to the wolves. We strip it of what wealth we can find none the less. We gather the potion, 2 daggers, 2 axes, 85gp (some of foreign mintage). The other dead bandits were armed with short swords (x8), ash wood long bows (x8), leather armor (x8), enough food for a few days and some assorted coins (76gp), quivers of arrows (~150), 4 tents, blankets, water skins, flints and steels, lots of firewood and a cart.

Thierry tries to question the prisoners, but, if anything they are too talkative. Xene sees to Konrad’s wounds. Thierry finds the bandit’s stash: 321sp, 90gp (crowns), 3 crates of wild furs and hides, 6 bottles of some kind of Restov’s brew (mint liqueur at 20gp/bottle). A small lacquered wooden box (it plays music). Inside is a pair of silver ear rings (~140gp), and a few days of food.

Thierry learns there are other bandits and groups int he area. Kressel beat them up and took their stuff. In return, a few days ago, they were along the north road (via the camelands) and found the kobold problem to be growing. It seems the kobolds and the good folk are at war. When the bandits were distracted, a blue gremlin came up and stole a stack of their stuff. It’s possible Svetlana’s ring was in there.

Xene collects the ears of the dead.

The party walks a mile north of the bandit camp. We pitch tents, cover the horses and try to settle down. Then the wolves find the bodies.

Thierry learns there was a smaller group, led by a 1/2 orc named Stick.

Staglord’s fort is along the shores of Tusk water. Our prisoners are named Taylor and Stez. Taylor is the traveling farrier out at the crossings.

The Stag lord wears a stag’s skull with antlers. Tailor says he’s a bear of a man standing 6’4" or so and really strong. Stez says he’s a deader. Tailor says he’s just an old mean drunk.

Through the night, the wolves howl every 20 minutes or so. It seems like we’re being surrounding by the wolves — the echoing howls are haunting. Sometime past midnight, the howling fades.

7th of Pharast

The dreams of the night are cyclic once again. A stag of trees runs through the forest, turning the forest to a forest of stones – a town; the tress become stone. Their trunks become columns. Its footfalls echo along the flagstone before the forest retakes it all.

A man fights off the stag, trying to kill it and his bow breaks. The stag falls, turning to stone. Its head and antlers entrap the man and he becomes monstrous as he is buried in the soft earth. Xene struggles to help, to kill the stag, to save the man — all to no avail.

Trees cast shadows that should show a message. Can’t quite get it.

Up. Pray. Eat.

When Kaylee was putting out the fire it billows out into smoke and steam. We are blinded. Choking. Hacking.

Eventually the smoke clears and are all well. It seems like everything is hale and hole. All our goods are present, so we pack up and head out.

It’s hailing. Eventually the air warms, and the hale fades. As Kaylee tries to stop, her saddle tumbles round. She dismounts quickly and maintains her balance. Thierry and Xene are not so agile and tumble to the ground. The prisoners and Tamarie remain carefully in their saddles.

Kaylee tightens all the belts. Tamarie spots some sort of magic in the trees. Illusion magic? We travel through eh day; passing familiar sights.

As the sun sets, we ride up to the gate. It’s fixed. In our absence the soldiers have been working hard. Old Veckle is here. He’s a peg-leg. He was hunting an old boar for 6 years until it finally took his leg. He’s famous in the old Margreeve.

We set Stez to building the Stockade and Tailor to shoeing the horse. We tell Svetlana about the ring. She wants to tie some rowan bundles to keep the evils away from the trading post. Xene helps.

That night Xene dreams again that she is outside the stag head’s antler’s cave. A bear is growling nearby. Beside her an arrow is spinning. When it stops, it points towards the cave. Xene goes in and wakes up.

8th of Pharast

It’s a chore day.

Xene makes lineament for Tamarie and Veckle.

Tamarie makes a list of all the goods we want to sell in town and figures out the logistics of how to get it there.

Bokken comes in, and Veckle tells Kaylee stories. He promises to give her his bow if she can take down the boar that took his leg. Kaylee agrees.


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