Noblesse Oblige

Finding the Old Sycamore tree

20 Pharast, 4710

Before noon there’s a brisk wind that kicks up. It’s sunny with a few clouds.

The Iron wraiths leave the trading post and life returns to normal.

Supplies came in. Kesten has a letter from the Aldori Swordlords to the young master. They offer 5000 crowns for proof of death or capture of the Stag Lord. The young master informs Oleg and Kresten about Horefrost and our agreement with him. He learns that “Horefrost” is probably a clan name, and not a personal name. The clan itself was wiped out and hailed from the Ice Rind peaks far to the north. Kaylee learns about the mites and their tricks from Veckle in a long and rambling tale.

Tamarie and Xene go to the place the scarf was tied and await Horefrost that evening. They light a small fire to help keep them warm. Horefrost arrives and Tamarie and he discuss plans. He promises to leave trail markers, to show his passing, but is not interested in traveling with us.

21 Pharast, 4710 – Equinox

In the morning the young master hands out a leather thong necklace from which hangs an iron nail. He packs a small number of nails with him. We pack up for a 7-day trip. There’s a cold drizzle falling. We eat a hearty breakfast and Brother Jhod grants us a blessing.

By afternoon, it’s becoming warm.

By the end of the day we see signs of a fire in the distance and donkey tracks through the area. When we crest a hill we find a small hovel – it’s old Boken’s home. We visit and buy Kobold body butter as well as 2 acid flasks from him (he calls them Troll repellant, but admits it should work to repel most anything you hit). He has a shopping list for Xene of things to find in the region. Along with fang berries, he wants vinegar, yellow rocks (sulfur), and female urine. Upon further questioning, Xene learns that he’s making a love potion at the bequest of Kesten Garess. Xene promises to have words with the Sargent upon her return to the trading post.

22 Pharast, 4710

It’s a sunny day. Along the way we run into a patrol from Fort Serenko. We stop and chat for a time, trading information. We learn they know the men who drove off the trolls. Fortunately no one was hurt in the attack and the trolls were contented with just raiding the livestock.

23 Pharast, 4710

It’s an overcast morning and quite chilly.

We find a small farmstead and spend a brief lunch with them before heading back into the Cames. The sun sets on an overcast sky. The horizon is clearly visible. Could be a storm.

24 Pharast.

The day is uneventful.

25 Pharast

There was frost in the night. But it’s sunny this morning.

We ride near the animal den we discovered on the 18th of Pharast. And the young master decides to explore it. Inside he finds an odd-shaped cave with an overhang. He thinks a lot of different animals used the cave as a seasonal burrow. On the way out he discovered a reflective metal on the far wall. He is able to flake-off a piece and brings the sample to Tamarie. She uses her kit and agrees with his assessment.

We ride on and catch sight of the Old Sycamore tree, under which the gremlins have their lair. We ride around it carefully, and following the path of some ravines, we find dead soot scale kobolds in the field. Some have their bones picked clean, while others are in various states of decay.

That night the young master puts a circle of iron nails around the camp.

In the night we hear faint music playing.

26 Pharast

We circle the tree, finding more and more signs of the war between the soot scale kobolds and the sycamore mites.


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