Noblesse Oblige

Sootscale Sycamore War

In the late afternoon, we approach the old Sycamore tree with caution and from the west. The Old sycamore is a graying hulk of an old tree with only a few leaves in bud. Most of its branches are long dead. It stands 100’ tall upon a hill that ranges up 50’. The afternoon is overcast and there is a chill wind. We clime the tree’s came. There is a bit more greenery here than elsewhere. After a bit of looking, we find a good path. It’s a fat tree. While Xene is able to spot a few nasty footfalls, it takes until dusk’s song and moonlight’s first gleaming before Kaylee finds a way into the lair beneath the tree.

We toss down two lit smudge sticks. Some smoke comes back up, then a lot more. Tamarie reminds us of our previous encounter with the mites (when they caused the doused fire to produce a lot of choking smoke), and so we back off and let the smoke dissipate.

Once it stops, we work our way through the narrow hole and into the lair beneath. It is dank and wet, and everything is covered in mud. We fall onto a raised pile of mud, and make our way through the first empty chamber and down another hole to a second chamber. This one has six mulch piles filled with giant ovoids – centipede eggs. We fight three giant centipedes and proceed down a 3’ high, 30’ incline. In the third chamber we meet the mites. They are playing instruments and welcome us to a feast.

Sir Thierry has no trust for them. He informs them that they are in the way of the road, and that they are just not good neighbor material. Despite this, they remain polite and keep offering us a feast in the next chamber. Tamarie finally steps forward and blows them away. We follow a survivor to their “king”.

In the far side of this chamber, we fight a running battle. The mites use the roots to swing over a chasm to a chamber on the other side. The mites put up a tough battle, and one of them is riding a tick that attacks Sir Thierry. Rather than try our luck swinging across on the roots, we circle around, go through a junk chamber and into a prison chamber where there are four kobolds tied to the wall.

Xene prays for the Erastil’s aid and the roots entangle the fleeing mites while Kaylee and Sir Thierry return to the other side and fight the fleeing mites. When the last of them has fallen, the last-living kobold prisoner warns us of a beast in the chasm. It’s a gargantuan whip-tailed centipede. We fell it quickly and Kaylee claims parts of it as prizes.

We find a statuette, two very familiar looking daggers, and two sacks of radishes.


Aubrey_ ketherian

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