Noblesse Oblige

On the Road Again

7th Gozron

We ride out, stopping for a cold lunch on the edge of the Old Margreeve. Caliber is captivated by the forest and the trees are in bud.

We ride along the forest’s edge and eventually enter the camlands. As we ride, we inform Elder Jhod about the rules of the Old Margreeve.

Kaylee heads in alone to scout out the old ford-river camp. She finds a fire pit that’s 2 days cold. She returns to tell us. We bed down in the cames. During the second watch of the night Conrad awakens Sir Thierry to warn him of hearing wild pigs in the area.

8th Gozron

In the morning we awaken and offer proper thanks to Erastil. Then we ask permission to enter the Old Margreeve. Kaylee finds the tracks of a sounder of pigs. Xene examines the area and gathers up some unearthed truffles that the pigs were digging for.

We travel through the forest to the temple of the Elk. Brother Jhod lays prostrate, kneels, then prostrate again; slowly working his way up the stairs into the temple. A light erupts from within the temple and he laughs with sheer joy.

He is awed by the place and wishes to be left behind. We leave him more than a weeks food and ride out by mid-afternoon. We camp under a pristine night sky.

9th Gozron

As we travel through the forest, Tamarie spots something odd. It`s a giant monument. A big honking statue is atop a 4`tall stand. It has a tree growing on its head. After a bit of examination we realize it’s a giant statue of the stag lord. The tree is actually its antlers.

As we come to this conclusion, we are attacked by an Owl Bear.

Once it is defeated, Tamarie realizes that she recognizes the statue. She last saw it when it was new. This was the first place they stopped on the way back to Rosely. She remembers the ledger item for 4500gp for an Erastilian monument. After a bit of cleaning we uncover a pack that reads `Great hunter, help us find our way.` It`s a way marker. South was toward New Stepson 150 miles, North was to Mivon, east and west are a sinister facing horse’s head. This marked the Mareshal trade route. That means that the Staglord`s fort is the same outpost built by the young master’s grandfather.

Sir Thierry and Kaylee carry the Owlbear corpse into the woods. We spend some time cleaning the statue. Xene makes it a wild flower wreath while Tamarie takes some time to try and scribe some spells. We then make camp. The campfire causes the cleaned statue to glisten in the light. It casts a comforting presence over the camp.

10th of Gozrim, Starday.

It’s raining and turned to snow by noon

Traveling early, we come across the Thorn river. It’s swollen with run-off and not fordable. We ride along its edge. The Cames funnel it into a small gorge. There is a rope bridge across the narrowest part of the gorge. The rpe pridge is moss-covered and well aged. We decide not to risk it.

We keep going south, through the snow and drizzle. We come to a fork in the river. It seems shallow but it’s 120’ feet wide. We ford slowly. And make our way to the Stag Lord’s keep. We camp between two rises, out of site of the keep.

12th of Gozrim

As Kaylee is up before dawn, she spots a hunter’s blind and a hunter. She convinces him to come back to the camp. There, we learn his name is Fergus. We share a breakfast with him. Fergus is from the south and tells us a bit about what he’s seen regarding the local comings and goings around the keep. From him we learn the lane is trapped with undead. Step off the road and they will rise and attack.

We get what sleep we can through the day, and pack up the camp before we loose the light.

13th of Gozrim

We walk through the night to the Stag Lord’s keep. Hopefully any guards are asleep.

We tie the pack horses to a nearby tree. We contine along, casting and praying.

We call forth fog and find the door. Kaylee vanishes, climbs up the wall, over the sharp, pointed bits and opens the door from the inside. We ride in. Once in, the young master marches up to the enemy (safely asleep in their beds) and wakes them. Demanding their attention, he brings forth light from the darkness then demands their surrender.


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