Noblesse Oblige

Staglord's Keep

12th of Gozrim

The fight against the Stag Lord’s minions is long and drawn out, but with Erastil’s guidance we are victorious. We do what we can for the young master, but he is mortally wounded beyond the scope of mere prayer and needs sleep badly. The arrow that should have killed him was miraculously stopped by his holy symbol.

After Conrad is touched by Erastil’s grace, he helps Kaylee deal with the unconscious bandits. Tamarie brings the horses in. Sleipnir has an arrow in her neck, but is otherwise well. Dovan surrendered. The Stag Lord, now dead, was a middle aged man, grizzled and covered in scars. His helm is a saber tooth and stag skull (with a rack) piled one atop the other.

Our pack horses are stolen, taken by the fleeing bandits (one of which was named Scree—a name known to us as there was a bounty on his head); but they dumped the feed to make a quick getaway. We tie up the two remaining bandits and put them in the owl-bear pen for the night. Once secured, they are searched and tended to.

We catch what sleep we can.


Aubrey_ ketherian

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