Noblesse Oblige


A meeting with magpies

29th of Desnus, 4710

The gnomes are an equal mix of women and men, moving about on the far bank. The cart is floundering in a rising river. Th ponies are trying to swim, and failing as the cart’s traces are dragging the poor beasts back under. On the cart is an elderly woman, wrapped up against the cold.

Sir Thierry and Kaylee rush in to save the ponies and the elderly woman.

The gnomes are all dressed in the same monochrome style; like magpies. There is a ruin of a pier nearby. Kaylee is able to gather the elderly gnome up and take her back to the beach before returning to the water to help Sir Thierry with the ponies. Their horses are struggling, but still tall enough to brave the rising river.

In the attempt to unhitch the ponies, Sir Thierry falls in. He his saved only by Tamarie’s quick thinking and magical prowress. Once back on his feet, he and Kaylee get the cart unhitched and bring it back to shore. The ponies, once freed, gladly follow Caliber to the shore.

The gnomes take care of their ponies while their leader, Bronn, bemoans the state of the cart’s axle and wheels. Xene kneels down and prays over the cart, seeking Erastil’s grace to see the damage mended and the cart returned to a usable state.

One brings Sorrow
Two bring Joy
Three a Girl
And Four a Boy
Five bring Want
And Six bring Gold
Seven bring secrets never told
Eight bring wishing
Nine bring kissing
Ten, the love my own heart’s missing!

We are introduced to the gnome party:

  • Bronn – the leading gnome, a pessimist; he seems so sad.
  • Gylodar – his wife, an optimist and full of joy.
  • Kaylin – the girl.
  • B’ouakael – the boy.
  • Oyer – is in love with gold.
  • Brother Rune – suspicious/paranoid, unwilling to share secrets.
  • Myanlee – Gregarious, wishing everyone well.
  • Mother Paug – Goes around kissing everyone.
  • Babbie Leonan – Grandmother who wants to learn of our heart’s desires.

They are explorers, prospectors, pilgrams, … each one has a different definition of what the group is, what their goals are, and what their purpose is. They are from down south, around Midden, Gault…

They are certainly a trouping family. When asked, they wear the same colors because that’s the natural order. The boy and girl are referred to as “boy” and “girl” by all the gnomes, and yet they were introduced to us with their own names.

With some work, Tamarie convinces them to help us fill in some blanks on our maps. Specifically, we learn that the old elven fort is only just north of the Myrk and about 2 leagues from the edge of the forest along the Candle shore. We learn a few other tidbits of information, trading nugget for nugget.

We share a camp with them, they in the carts, us in our tents. Overnight the wolves are howling to the NNW. It is a waning crescent move, just past 1/2 full.

30th of Desnus

The day is overcast with some wind but no rain. We say our goodbyes and watch the gnomes take their leave before heading off ourselves to find the Myrk river.

On the other side of the river stands a large group of eight elk. Sir Thierry nods respectfully to the lead elk, and it nods back!

We find and follow an old road. Along the way we spot a body draped over dead fall. Sir Thierry is certain this is a trap, but Xene is adamant the bleeding man needs help. She jumps off her horse and goes to help him before Sir Thierry can stop her. When Xene rolls the fallen over, he attacks her!


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