Noblesse Oblige



8th Sarenith, 4710

The Belle Dame refers to the Stag lord’s keep as a monastery. We learn from her that the challenge of fang versus iron occurs every three generations. An ancient covenant sets the rules. There are ancient spirits that do not take well when their rights are forgotten. She says there was a time when the Old Margreeve stretched all the way to Lake R—. Roslee is in the gap between the forests. The gap was created by the woodcutter Mikael in his anger.

The pact was set by the White Stag to set down the law. The challengers will seek us out. We will known when it is time. We have some hope though, since the last time Sir Thierry‘s family tried to settle the area was three generations ago. And Sister Xene’s dream of the white stag could be the first of several signs show us that we are in the right place at the right time.

The Belle Dame tells us that she needs black rattle-caps. They grow on the southern shore of the Tuskwater. A rattle-cap is mature at 10-12" in height. She’ll take all that we can carry. Since we want her friendship, we agree to do this task.

We head out back through the forest into the Camelands again. We cross the little Selen river and camp on the other side. It’s a quiet night.

9th Sarenith, 4710

We awaken to a sunny but overcast day.

After breakfast and prayers, we ride out into the cames. Later that day Kaylee spots a quadrupedal silhouette. The wolves are shadowing us on either side. We continue exploring while trying to keep track of them.

As the sun sets we make a line for the water’s edge. The shoreline is fairly steep here. We gather up what dry wood we can, and start a fire. Kaylee and Sister Xene try to keep the horses calm, but the scent of wolves is in the wind.

Sir Thierry manages to hurt a wolf with bow and arrow. Tamarie Iluvatar makes herself a safe-haven and sleeps the night in peace and quiet. Sir Thierry and Sister Xene double up for the first watch.

The wolves dart in and out, trying to spook the horses and take us down. We manage to keep the upper hand, but only just. We hurt the wolves just enough to keep them full of trepidation. We catch what sleep we can and Sister Xene trades off with Kaylee while Sir Thierry insists on staying awake for the night.

10th Sarenith, 4710

We find the Gudrin river and ford it. We all get wet as the river is deep and swift. We take some time to dry off and towel-down the horses before continuing.

On the far side we see white water. The ridge is overgrown in nettles. We follow a game trail and go down to a peaceful grotto, set aside from the lake by a small ridge of stone. There are wild blueberries here. As we are gathering blueberries a giant hook-jaw turtle rises up out of the water and attacks! It’s Crackjaw.

Tamarie and Sister Xene call forth friends from the deep. Kaylee tries to shoot it and Sir Thierry grows large with Tamarie’s magic and finally is able to knock the beast unconscious, drag it out of the water and kill it.

While still large, he hauls its carcass up to the ridgeline.


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