Noblesse Oblige



10th of Sarenith, 4710

A light drizzle is falling.

Large Sir Thierry carries Cracjaw up the sloap to where the horses wait. The rest of us examine the pool. It’s 30’ across, and is a natural breakwater. There are lots of fish. Tamarie finds a ble booble that (she says) when broken should bring forth a water elemental.

Kaylee and Sister Xene butcher Crackjaw, taking its head and shell and a portion of the meat. Meanwhile, Sir Thierry patrols the area. He follows the sound of an axe chopping to the south. There he meets Arvin, who asks for an axe. He’s using a hand-made axe that is doing only light damage to the greenwood he’s trying to cut. Sir Thierry gladly hand him an axe.

Sir Thierry learns that Arvin’s boat (the Shrieker) was badly damaged by Crackjaw. He’s in the process of trying to harvest wood to repair the boat. Sir Thierry brings him back to meet the rest of us. We go down to a nearby cove to see the Shrieker. Sister Xene mends the boat with a prayer. Arvin is overjoyed. In return for this boon he gives Sister Xene his favorite floater. It’s a silver ring wrapped in string. Surprisingly it does float. He admits he found it in a carp that seemed to have difficulty getting below the surface of the water. Tamarie thinks the ring is magical.

We agree with Arvin to meet up in a day or so at the narrows between the two lakes. He’ll ferry us and the horses across the waters, saving us several days of travel to get back to the Belle Dame.

Arvin is able to give us directions towards the mushroom patch.

After a few hours of riding, we find a ravine, in which the mushrooms grow unbelievably huge and the ground is caked with sulfur around nearby vents. Xene collects a fair amount of sulphur for Boccan.

We camp atop a nearby Came. The smell of the mushrooms and sulfur is truly nasty. We eat turtle, take watches and have a quiet night.

11th of Sarenith, 4710

It’s a clear and sunny day with a slight breeze. We feed the horses. Samarel wants to get into the feed box. Sister Xene spends some time and makes 2 goodberries.
Kaylee and walk back to the mushrooms.

Many of the mushrooms are the oddest of colors. Tinged with pink, blue and even purple. We walk into a defile and find it getting harder and harder to breath. We spot two mushrooms that are over 10’ in height.

Sister Xene spots the rattle-caps and starts to collect them while Tamarie and Sir Thierry stand guard. As Sister Xene tries to pick a mushroom, it suddenly fights back. She is wrapped up by a root(? Tendril? Vine?), hauled up into the air and swallowed whole by a giant 20’ tall mushroom before her friends can react.

Tamarie disappears only to reappear nearby, causing Sir Thierry to grow with her magic. His lance does little against it. So he drops it and pulls out his sword. Tamarie calls forth the water elemental from the found stone while also calling forth a being of fire. Between them they damage the mushroom. Before Sir Thierry can swap his sword for another weapon, the mushroom spits out Sister Xene. Tamarie makes sure she lands safely.

Sir Thierry is then wrapped up and swallowed by the beast. He attacks it from within and carves his own way out. The elementals and Sir Thierry destroy the beast.

At the end of the fight, the water elemental moves Sister Xene to safety and washes her off. Sir Thierry offers his prayers to heal her. As the water elemental washes Sir Thierry off, it fades away, with our thanks.

Once Xene is awakened, she’s able to identify what attacked her – a Tendriculos. We gather up the rattle-cap seeds and leave quickly. It would be nice to heal this place, but not today.

We go back to the isthmus, and camp. That night we enjoy the big sky of stars and northern lights. The night passes without incident.

12th of Sarenith, 4710

We awake and have turtle soup for breakfast. After prayers, we meet up with Arvin and take the horses across 2 by 2. Sister Xene’s prayers make the horses smaller, thus making Arvin worry a little less about his poor boat.

After we say goodbye to Arvin, we ride toward the Bell Dame’s place. We find her in a nearby clearing. She’s sitting on the ground and moving river stones around. Once she sees us, she greets us. We chat a bit and hten she brings out her Harrow deck.

The choosing

  • Sir Thierry. The betrayal. The card of the selfish soul. Aspires to greatness, but also opportunity if you can over come your selfishness.
  • Sister Xene. The twin. The card of the duality. Split loyalties. Can she bring her two sides together? Can faith be put aside for your friend?
  • Tamarie. The courtesan. The card of a powerful woman with great potential but false pretenses. She has a secret that she holds dear. For personal gain or to avoid hardship? Secrets might come to the fore if you pursue this path.
  • Kaylee. The Theater. Events are at play. Kaylee is the audience who might see what comes to pass. Will she recognize it, enjoy the show, or become a player?
  • The Bell Dame. The tyrant. One who rules. Or is it the one who unseats kings? A kingmaker perhaps? Or a king destroyer.

The reading

The Snake BiteThe LostThe Avalanch
The UprisingThe FiendThe Crows
The DanceThe Hidden TruthThe Peacock

The dance represents the path itself that we should follow. Stay in step or fall into chaos.

The snake bite in the past represents a dark secret discovered. A revolt. He was deposed and others now hold the crown; but there is a new dance.

There is no alignment in the present. Everything is uncertain. A hidden truth truth that can only
be seen by those who can see beyond the veil. Someone has suffered a great loss, plunging them into chaos and uncertainty. They threaten the innocent. Devouring the whole. They will suffer further before the truth is revealed.

There is no alignment in the future, and all three cards are keys. There’s a person in the future who is unchanging. Wiser people may dance out of the way of danger, but never the peacock. The avalanche will bury you – the land itself is your enemy. The crows will oppose you and steal something precious. They are ravenous and will steal something beautiful.

To succeed you must learn to dance out of the way: to evade the avalanche. Learn the hidden secret of the fiend who lost everything, and stop the theft of something beautiful.

The reading is at an end.

We make it out of the swamp and camp in peace in a dry spot.

13th of Sarenith, 4710

Late in the day we pick our way through the ruined settlement, on our shrine.

When we arrive, Elder Jhod is riding a big cave bear. He’s happy to see us.


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