A former paladin


Akiros was once a paladin, turned bandit and was the Stag Lord’s favorite.

During the assault on the Stag Lord’s keep, Akiros turned on the bandits, and joined the Rostlandeers against the Stag Lord. Akiros traveled to Oleg’s Trading Post with the Rostlandeers, and told them some of his sad tale.

Evidently he felt the calling to be a paladin of Erastil and worked hard to earn the title. Shortly thereafter he fell in love with a married woman. She returned his affection until they were discovered, whereupon she claimed Akiros raped her. During his trial, she pushed Akiros too far, and a previously unknown rage born of years of repression, burst forth, and he murdered his erstwhile lover and her husband, then fled.

His flight eventually brought him to the Stolen Lands, and he fell in with the local bandits.

He traveled with the Rostlandeers to the Stag Lord’s temple, and elected to stay there a time with Elder Jhod.


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