An Herbalist from the Stolen Lands


Surrounded by flies and rarely bathing, he is a shy and unassuming man who often doesn’t understand the social constructs he’s broken.


The eccentric – some would say, downright mad – alchemist Bokken lives a few miles away from Oleg’s Trading Post in the wilderness of the Stolen Lands. Whether his eccentricities led him to his current living arrangements, or his long years of isolation led him to become a crazy coot, no one really knows – or really cares to find out. He can best be described as “mostly harmless”, running off at the mouth about whatever tiny troubles happen to plague him at the time. Still, no one makes better potions than Bokken – at least, no one within a hundred miles, which suits the alchemist just fine and ensures a steady stream of business.

His brother, a mad hermit living in the Old Margreeve, killed their mother and was chased away by Bokken some time ago. He has since lamented the loss of the amulet with her picture. When it was restored to him, he was so grateful that he allowed the Rostlandeers to take their reward from his mass of potions.

He regularly requests herbal ingredients from the Rostlandeers in their voyages into the Old Margreeve.


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