Noblesse Oblige

Defending Oleg's trading post

4th of Pharast, 4710

The weather is slowly growing warmer with the approach of spring. We’ve been encamped at Oleg’s trading post. The place has even gotten busier with the arrival of four Swordlord soldiers. They’ve been building a stockade under one of the guard towers. Kesten Garess is the leader of the soldiers. Thierry spends a lot of time working with Konrad to learn his story.

Konrad thinks Kressel probably won’t come; its far easier to shake people down on the road than come pack here where she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Svetlana asks for moon-radish to help her and Oleg have children. The locals believe in the ancient ways and even Oleg is superstitious.

5th of Pharast, 4710

The day is spent in chores and preparations.

6th of Pharast, 4710

We depart at dawn and ride to the edge of the Old Margreve. Aether comes along with us. It’s gray and overcast, and a bit chilly.

We ride just into the edge of the forest before we dismount. There, with hand on tree – we swear oaths. We know the trees are the memory of the forest. The trees seem to cast shadows on the snow – traceries of letters seem to be writing on the ground. With Konrad’s help and the soft ground Kaylee is able to track the bandits.

We find a set of elf tracks. White strips of cloth are hanging from low branches. They mark a trap-line’s location below. We pass an old lean-to long abandoned.

At dusk we make it to the camp and try to sneak up. Tamarie brings forth light on the other side of the camp. It draws the bandits attention and Kaylee and Thierry charge into camp.

Konrad tries to take out the archer in the near blind, and misses. Xene tries and the bandit almost falls out the tree.

Thierry is charged by the bandits. His horse attacks and takes one down. Caliber rides over another one. Kressel tries throwing axes at Thierry, but between him and his horse, she dies quickly. The remaining bandits try to give up. Xene and Konrad got hit several times, and both required Xene’s healing. They eventually captured the bandit that shot at them. Aether takes out a bandit who quickly gives up less the dog attack again.


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