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  • Akiros

    Akiros was once a paladin, turned bandit and was the Stag Lord’s favorite.

    During the assault on the Stag Lord's keep, Akiros turned on the bandits, and joined the Rostlandeers against the Stag Lord. Akiros traveled to Oleg’s Trading Post …

  • Nugrah

    The Staglord's father. A druid of some power and renown. He was being kept in the cellar of the Staglord's keep until he was killed by the Rostlandeers.

  • Boccan

    The eccentric - some would say, downright mad - alchemist Bokken lives a few miles away from Oleg's Trading Post in the wilderness of the Stolen Lands. Whether his eccentricities led him to his current living arrangements, or his long years of …

  • Kesten Garess

    The Garess family wants nothing to do with him, nor do they want him to hold any role of note in the new settlement.

    Appointed by the Sword Lords, Kesten is the sargent in charge of the few soldiers patrolling the road between Fort Serenko …

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