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A harsh season may limit the crops, but a life is always so much more than just a season.

- Erastilian proverb

Brevoy coat of arms
Brevoy is made up of two nations, conquered and made whole some 200 years ago. They were Issia (northern Brevoy) and Rostland (southern Brevoy). They were both long enemies and neighbors; and their enemity has lasted unto this day.

In 4499 AE, the Iobarian warlord Choral Rogarvia crossed the lake of mist and veils to recieve the surrender of Lord Nikos Surtova. The two men staked out a truce that was bound with the promise of Nikos’ daughter Myrna Surtova in marriage to Choral. In the agreement, Issia’s ruling House Surtova kept much of its power and wealth while they served as vassals under Choral’s leadership.

To the south, Rostland, did not surrender. Led by the Adori Swordlords, they fought the conquerer and their northern neighbors forces combined. In a final battle, the conquerer unleashed 2 red dragons — turning what should have been a trap into a mighty failure.

Rumours abound. In the final battle in which Rosia seaced to exist, rumor is that there were 3 dragons, not 2—with Chiral being the third. Could house Chiral have dragon blood in its veins?

Choral only ruled his new land for a decade before disappearing, leaving his descendants to rule until 4699 AR using the threat of the conqueror’s return and his fearsome dragon allies to maintain their power. The dragons seemingly disappeared after Brevoy’s creation, but they returned once to lay siege to Skywatch, an observatory-cum-fortress held by those still loyal to Rostland.

The Rogarvians’ rule ended with the mysterious disappearance of every member of House Rogarvia in 4699 AR. Every member of the Rogarvian family and all bearers of the name, regardless of where they were — all disappeared all on the same winter’s night.

Taking advantage of their old enemies’ misfortune, the Surtovas, who were renowned as crafty schemers and had already ingratiated themselves with the ruling house of Rogarvia, claimed rulership of Brevoy. They have only maintained this rule by allying with former enemies and using fear of the return of Rogarvia as a tool to unite Brevoy and its seven noble families. Still, some Houses, such as House Orlovsky, only acknowledge Noleski as reigning Lord Regent and diplomatic relations are growing tense. Increasingly, it appears that Brevoy is on the verge of collapsing back into two separate nations.

Mareschal family crest

House Mareschal is a proud commoner family of humble origins once famed for its strong and swift eponymous equine breed. It’s blazon is part per pale azure and argent, a horse rampant counterchanged; its charge representing the house’s mainstay, its blue and silver colours the house’s loyalty to the throne and peaceful occupation respectively and its vertical division indicative of their breed’s use in battle. Its newest patriarch is the Baronet Sir Philippos Mareschal, who succeeded his late father during the cold winter of 4710 AR. Their traditional holdings include a small country estate with a manor and pastureland near the Free City of Restov in southern Rostland which has recently been sold off to repay the family’s outstanding debts.

The Mareschal family gained title and land as breeder of horses to the crown of Brevoy some 300 years ago. Over the years, the family and their herds prospered. But the household of the Barronnette Theordore Mareschal the II was far smaller than the household of his father. It shrank to the point that the household consisted of – the young master, the councilor, the chaplin, the horse master, the butler and a skullery maide. The butler, Mr Aldo easily remembers when the house had several dozen servants. He himself worked his way up from first footman to butler over the years.

The Mareschal manor house is a small afair, a country estate. It has a few dozen rooms with no conservatory or library. There is a small Erastilian chapel, built at the behest of Deorwine Mareschal (grandmother to the current Baronnette).

The Mareschal manor once had hundreds of acres of land, mostly pasture with some farmland attached. But land, along with parts of the herd and even apppointments from the manor were all sold off to deal with outstanding debts. Once finely appointed, over time the manor has become quite threadbear, with only the large plaster family crest remaining in the great hall.

There are a few heirlooms remaining. Theodoric the elder (Thierry’s grandfather) had a full suit of armour. It now stands in the hall as a memory of better times. Thiery’s mother, Adalade, died shortly after childbirth. Theodoric the younger bright in Tamarie as governess and tutor.

There are a few heirlooms remaining. Theodoric the elder (Thierry’s grandfather) had a full suit of armour. It now stands in the hall as a memory of better times. Thiery’s mother, Adalade, died shortly after childbirth. Theodoric the younger bright in Tamarie as governess and tutor.

Several families are associated with the Marechals. They are:

  • The Studdards – breeders and trainees of horses. Their youngest daughter, Kalie, is the family’s horsemasters.
  • The Somhnals – chaplains to Erastil, they’ve served the family for two generations. Johd, the first chaplain, is now retired and lives with his wife Auda at the edge of the original estate. Their daughter is the current chaplain for the house.

The family’s never been considered prosperous, but the hereditary title has given the family prestige and status. Their herd gave the family respect. But the family is not noble. The family never had the money or the family connections to make young Theiry a knight.

There were no other siblings. The local smith, Ansem, taught Thiery his martial skills as well as performing the required ostlery tasks for the herd. He was also the family’s best shot and taught everyone else archery. He even acted as Theodoric’s body guard, when necessary. He married Kalie, to eveyrone’s delight. He died in a freak accident when a horse he was shoeing, kicked him. He fell over with a mild concussion, and died a week later.

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Campaign background

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